Error in Pagemaker – Cannot Open File

Officially my designation is Programmer-IT in my organization, though honestly, (and cynically, of course) there is nothing to program over here. The most I get to do is write up some crappy scripts in Linux Shell or maybe some bat files to do some backup or manipulate installers. Oh, did I mention that I administer all the systems in the Delhi Office, set up and maintain all the networking and consult on all technology related installations. However the most interesting part of the day is when a user calls me over with some problem. Actually I marvel at the ways in which fools tend to get around fool-proof systems.
Anyway, I am a bit in the dumps today so forget my rant a paragraph before.
The problem was that Adobe pagemaker was not opening a file which opened quite well a day ago. The error was actually “cannot open file”. As simple as that. And very enlightening.
Since there was no way the hard disk was damaged and neither was the adobe pagemaker installation corrupted (well, by now, I have got a feel for that sort of thing anyway) I tried the usual troubleshooting procedures and stuff. Like some files opened and not some and so forth. So I understood that it was more a issue of something that had a remote chance of occuring that had suddenly become not so remote.
Even tried out some of my contacts and they asked me to send over the files so they could check it out.
Finally after playing around, I found that my highly intellectual friend had actually backed up wav and files from his DVDs (quite a few of them in fact, and why pray would you back up dvds to harddrives) and the space left on his drive was in the order of a few kbs. Pagemaker was apparently unable to create the necessary temporary files, it would appear and thus was retching up the error “cannot open file”.
Politely I enquired “If I could please delete the dat files and wav files and stuff” and after getting ‘an OK’, i went ahead and wiped off the directories. Pagemaker works fine now.
Had a laugh over it with sujeet and rajesh. Life sure has its light moments.