KOrganizer New Task duplication issues sorted out

I am using Open Suse 10.2 and had a problem with Korganizer as whenever I added a new task, I got a dialog box asking me to choose from two resources. I was a bit confused though, wondering why, when I hadn’t ever added an additional resource. After searching around to find for some option to delete the additional resource or atleast ignore it in the Kontact settings, I came up empty. There was an option i remembered which allows you to add all items to the standard resource but I am not able to recollect where it was. I am not sure anyway if it works. I looked in personal settings> KDE Components> KDE Resources, but only found one resource.
Did a google search for “korganizer new task duplicate” and finally found what I wanted as the first result here
https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdepim/+bug/64738 . The solution was at the end.
I simply needed to change the listbox entry mail to calendar in personal settings> KDE Components> KDE Resources and found that there are two resources. It was pretty short deleting the second non standard resource and everything works fine now. Don’t how the other resource got added though. Seems to be a bug.

My sql and apache in linux

I have heard quite often that linux requires a new way of thinking. I seem to have found out firsthand what it means.

Thinking that today was as good a day as any to get apache and mysql working on my Open Suse 10.2 system, I installed the apache and mysql packages from the yast manager. Apache seemed to get up and running easily from the yast network services, but after puttering around trying to get mysql daemon to work, i nearly gave up. Tried reinstalling since i though it must be a configuration error or something. Finally figured out that mysql is not a service but rather a runlevel service or something and everything works fine now.

Timidity for Midi

Needed to play some midi files all of a sudden onmy suse 10.2 box. One thing i get irritated about in Linux is that it seldom works out of the box. I had selected the complete multimedia package during installation but somehow midi support doesn’t seem to have been installed.
A google search sorted it out though and midi works fine now.

All I had to do was open up yast software management and select timidity to be installed. Works fine through timidity now. I really hate not being able to update suse 10.2 through ftp over our proxy. Still it would have been nice to be able to play midi through amarok, my default player.

Ejecting CD/DVD in Suse 10.2

I really found a nifty way to eject a cd in Suse 10.2. I have been looking for some script to get the same thing done, but it works really well through this thing. however, in case I need to use the same script to eject and to load the CD, i think this probably won’t work.
Open Personal Setting (Configure Desktop) in KDE. Goto ‘Regional and Accessibility settings’ and select “Input Actions” from the left.
Expand the “Preset Actions” and select Eject. there already seems to be a shortcut setup as XWinEject or something. My keyboard doesn’t have such a button, so I just changed the shortcut key to Win+J and voila it works.

No need to keep pressing the button to try to get my samsung drive to eject. Win+J gets the job done. I need to push in the tray to make it load though.

I think this most probably is common across most KDE distros.

Have Fun

Jeba Singh Emmanuel

A c program to add n numbers

OK, I agree it is too simple. But I really need to brush up my programming skill and anyway I enjoy programming. Or used to.
So just thought to brush up my programming skills, and if it weren’t for that error i posted about previously I got only a few logical errors which I was able to resolve immediately. Time taken to write this program – 1/2 hour. Good enough for touching C after over a year.

A C program to add n numbers which are input by the user and the input ends when the user enters a negative integer, ie any number less than 0. I haven’t added any error checking yet. Maybe I will get around to it.
(I really don’t know if I need this header on top but it has my name in it and will increase search engine rankings, so here it does.)

blast it, blogger doesn’t seem to allow the lesser than symbol. OK, here is the link to the page on my website.

Cannot connect to cups server – Unable to retrieve printer list

Linux works fine for me, if you ignore the fact that I probably have to reinstall the whole os once every week to roll back any mistakes I make trying to configure or install additional software. The error is of course not on the part of the OS as such, but i would really love it if Linux didn’t rely so heavily on fast ftp access for repositories and if the developers got the knack of using the graphical interface in a more intuitive way. I also hate the number of ways in which he same software can be configure. You can setup a printer in yast, through personal setting and also by editing some conf file somewhere. It all has a positive reason I hear, but have not yet been able to benefit. I guess somewhere down the road, once I get to know linux better, I will be able to be a Linux whiz or something and use the command line to make the right tweaks. But seriously there has got to be some consistency.

The last two times I installed, I could not get the printer to work through Yast. Used the personal setting>peripherals>printer to get the printer detected and it worked like a charm. To put things clearer, I have a windows xp system on the network that shares two printers, one a hplaserjet 1000 series printer and the other a Xerox PE 220 multifunction device. The xerox is quite uneconomical when it comes to printing averaging around 250 ps per print, but the laserjet is cheaper at around 50 ps per print. So this time, when I reinstalled day before yesterday, I expected to install the printer in the same way.

Tough luck. Didn’t work. All I was able to get was a error stating quite definitely “Unable to retrieve printer list… Cannot connect to cups server.” Searching with google took me to a lot of forums with the same problem but none of them seemed to be resolved. A few queries were rather about how to share the printer on the network. Considering the fact that they weren’t able to get the printer connected as a local printer in the first place, I figured it was definitely a problem with the local printer setup than with some network issues (I am really new to this stuff, you know)

After stuffing my face full with blogs and forums, I finally decided to play around. At Yast2>hardware>printers, since I already had the foo2zjs driver for laserjet, I added it as a ppd file and setup a local printer even though no printer was connected. Linux really should get its hardware detection, especially plug and play revamped. That seemed to help Linux update its device driver database. Sort of like windows, if you know what I mean. I then added a network printer (smb) and gave the ip address, queue name and the temporary user account name setup in the windows xp box and got it to pass the smb access test. It finally showed up as a printer. I then went to the printer and edited it to set its drivers to hplaserjet foo2zjs. Everything seems fine. It was now, when I fired up personal settings> peripherals>printers that cups server seemed to work. Wonder what that means. Doesn’t cups work when there are no printers? Missed the whole point anyway.

I was then able to add another printer through this dialog, since the one already shown which I previously setup didn’t seem to work. It was testing ok and all but no print. But the new one I was able to add worked fine. Took a bit of time trying to remove the old one and setting this one as the default but finally got it to work.

I am happy now, but I wonder what will be the sit when I install linux again next time. Will I get the same Cannot connect to cups server error?
I wonder.
I still have to sort out how to get linux to point my my docs folder to D: and how to setup an ftp server allowing multiple accounts to loging, the tech account having read permissins to my E:

Well. I have had enough for today. Maybe tomorrow

Cheers and peace

with delayed Easter and Good Friday Greetings from Jeba Singh Emmanuel