Open Suse 10.2 dumping me back to the login screen

Open Suse 10.2 was giving me some trouble with KDE dumping me back to the login screen for my user account even though the password was correct. It went something like me typing the login id and password and pressing enter, the screen going black and then, poof! back to the login screen.

I was able to login as root, able to login through my user login on the console by pressing alt+ctrl + f1 and also was able to login to a new account I created by loging in to the gui and using Yast. With help from the members and lots from Google, finally found this source

It was pretty simple actually. Get into the console into the user’s home directory (the user who is unable to logon) and remove the file .xinitrc

rm .xinitrc

That’s it. Now I just tried logging in and everything is back to normal.

A c program to add n numbers

OK, I agree it is too simple. But I really need to brush up my programming skill and anyway I enjoy programming. Or used to.
So just thought to brush up my programming skills, and if it weren’t for that error i posted about previously I got only a few logical errors which I was able to resolve immediately. Time taken to write this program – 1/2 hour. Good enough for touching C after over a year.

A C program to add n numbers which are input by the user and the input ends when the user enters a negative integer, ie any number less than 0. I haven’t added any error checking yet. Maybe I will get around to it.
(I really don’t know if I need this header on top but it has my name in it and will increase search engine rankings, so here it does.)

blast it, blogger doesn’t seem to allow the lesser than symbol. OK, here is the link to the page on my website.