Amazing Linux User

A Ladakhi person with his laptop running fedora

A Ladakhi person with his laptop running fedora

A ladakhi person using fedora on this toshiba satellite is not something I expected to see, but here he is typing away in ladakhi. Apparently his friend installed fedora on his laptop for him to use and he has not yet had any problems with it. Linux is now really user friendly considering that this use is so completely not a technical person. I now have renewed respect for Jammu and Kashmir.

Enabling mod_rewrite on fedora system with drupal

After deploying drupal on a test machine, and configuring the site, the deployment got stuck when I wanted to enable clean urls, but the check kept failing saying the the machine was not configured properly for clean urls. Most documentation on the internet and on the drupal documentation itself seems to be for debian based distros.

However the problem seemed to be that my drupal was installed on a subdirectory as a virtual host and a simple rewritebase /drupal solved the problem.

If you have the same problem, you could start solving from here. Continue reading