How do you speak your name? Your tongue rolls a certain way to pronounce it, some syllables you stress and some you would prefer left out. Or you might have a name that might not be spellable in any other language at all. (yeah, spellable is a word I made up) My name is Emmanuel. Its not my surname really. And people find it hard to pronounce. I finally end up asking them to call me Jeba. Probably you are one of those people who have given up too.

However a name is not a simple thing. We attach a lot of importance to it. And deep down when a person pronounces it right, we are pleased. And you make a person happy when you speak his/her name properly. Deals have fallen through due to not taking the time to pronounce a name properly. Dale Carniege, in his classic book ‘How to win friends and influence people’, 1936 advices ‘Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.’ in how to get a person to like you.

I have read the book quite a few times, noted the thoughts and moved on. But there are some men and women out there who won’t let the small details slip by. Enter @beachbrake who noticed a speaker correcting the person introducing him on how to pronounce his name ‘right’. She has an idea and a plan. And therein was born speakmyname.biz.

We are techies with passion for technology. We have the tools, we have an idea. And a hackerpad (tekipad?) with awesome food from her mom. What can we do but not roll out a weekend hack. Go visit speakmyname.biz. It still has some rough edges.
1. Click on record (you may need to do it twice, the first time you need to authorize flash to access your microphone so that we do not spy on you),
2. Replay it to confirm it sounds ok,
3. Then upload. You will be given a url which you can share.

Add the to your email signature, on your facebook profile, linkedin profile and anywhere you have your contact information so friends and contacts know how you would like them to speak your name.

As for the technical details? I have used Apache (with Passenger), Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Capistrano and a miscellany of stuff.