Old/New Fedora 10 Server

There was an old machine lying around in the basement which noone wanted.  I had my eyes on it for a long time but it had only about 64 MB of RAM. Finally I begged for some RAM and got it from Binoy. And installed Fedora Core 10 on it the same day. Actually I had a lot of webapps and servers lying all over my network and wanted to put up all my personal and experimental stuff on one system.

Just the default install, then httpd, trac, subversion and glpi and it is still working like a charm. I backed up all data from my office servers and moved it there.

There were however a few issues that needed a quick sorting out. Hope it helps someone.

Most servers, even after install do not autostart on boot. You need to set the appropriate chkconfig entries. I had trouble with apache and mysql. However sshd starts automatically.

chkconfig –level 2345 httpd on
chkconfig –level 2345 mysqld on

Also the firewall port for http was disabled by default. Opening


and enabling the port fixed it quickly.

Everything looks hunky dory. Now for some actual coding.

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