Drupal with Ubuntu – Simple Errors

Just installed Drupal a few hours ago. Had some minor hiccups, that took a couple of minutes to solve and thought I should document it.

1. On visiting localhost/drupal, it asks for languages. I selected English and in the next step, it was unable to find a working database configuration. Since I was using mysql, the solution was to install the following
sudo aptitude install php5-mysql
and restart apache2
sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

2. Drupal installs but on the admin page complains about cron not working. A manual cron run fixed that. There is a button right under in the drupal warning, so that was simple.

3. Drupal compains on the admin page about gd library not being installed. I recollect that it was a graphics library of some kind, so off I go to aptitude again.
sudo aptitude install php5-gd
and restart apache. Everything hunky-dory. Back to playing with drupal.

Saving inserted jpgs from an Open Office Text Document

If you have an OpenOffice Text File which has images included in it, you may be confused as to how to save the images separately since Open Office does not give you the option to save the images to disk.

The simplest way is to save the pages as HTML. Click on File>Save As… or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Shift-S to open the ‘Save As…’ dialog. In the bottom right part of the dialog, change the filetype to “Html Document(OpenOffice.org Writer)(.html)” and choose a location to save the html file and the images.

Open Office then creates a HTML file for the text in the file and saves the images separately as jpg files or in other formats as the case may be. However if the text file has a lot of images, it is better to save it in a new folder since OOWriter does not create a subfolder for the images.