Phone numbers for MTNL and VSNL Dialup in Delhi

Just figured it would be useful for someone who wants dialup in Delhi

Option 1. MTNL post paid CLI Based Dialup
This one is free and can be accessed by dialing 172231 with id and password as the customer’s phone number without the code

Option 2. VSNL prepaid dialup (TATA Indicom)
This is one is comparitively reliable and sometimes I use it as a fallback. You need to dial 172226 and use your id and password. You can register that at the link above. You will need to buy a registration pack and could simply follow the installation instructions at the back. For some reason the installation cd complained about unwanted levels of noise in the phone line.

In any case dialup access seems to be getting worse and worse with speeds getting slower and disconnecting often. There are many other options for dialup but i find these to be cheap and easily available.

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