BSNL Tuticorin Dialup – Web Page

At the risk of offending my brothers in faith, with Google I am a hero, but without it, I am a zero.
I know I have heard that somewhere but in a bit of a different context.
Anyway Kannapiran asked on gc today if I could help him out. He said he wanted to know tuticorin’s netone number or webiste. Just putin the keywords, “bsnl dialup tuticorin website” and got the second result as this.
Short work from here to get to the site in question
Total time taken 1.5 minutes. Whoa!! That was fast.

Error in Pagemaker – Cannot Open File

Officially my designation is Programmer-IT in my organization, though honestly, (and cynically, of course) there is nothing to program over here. The most I get to do is write up some crappy scripts in Linux Shell or maybe some bat files to do some backup or manipulate installers. Oh, did I mention that I administer all the systems in the Delhi Office, set up and maintain all the networking and consult on all technology related installations. However the most interesting part of the day is when a user calls me over with some problem. Actually I marvel at the ways in which fools tend to get around fool-proof systems.
Anyway, I am a bit in the dumps today so forget my rant a paragraph before.
The problem was that Adobe pagemaker was not opening a file which opened quite well a day ago. The error was actually “cannot open file”. As simple as that. And very enlightening.
Since there was no way the hard disk was damaged and neither was the adobe pagemaker installation corrupted (well, by now, I have got a feel for that sort of thing anyway) I tried the usual troubleshooting procedures and stuff. Like some files opened and not some and so forth. So I understood that it was more a issue of something that had a remote chance of occuring that had suddenly become not so remote.
Even tried out some of my contacts and they asked me to send over the files so they could check it out.
Finally after playing around, I found that my highly intellectual friend had actually backed up wav and files from his DVDs (quite a few of them in fact, and why pray would you back up dvds to harddrives) and the space left on his drive was in the order of a few kbs. Pagemaker was apparently unable to create the necessary temporary files, it would appear and thus was retching up the error “cannot open file”.
Politely I enquired “If I could please delete the dat files and wav files and stuff” and after getting ‘an OK’, i went ahead and wiped off the directories. Pagemaker works fine now.
Had a laugh over it with sujeet and rajesh. Life sure has its light moments.

CD burning software could not find a valid recorder error

Update: Using this method causes problems in that the drive is not automatically polled regularly. So if you insert a disc, you will have to open the CD drive in my computer to see the files in it. Use BurnRights bundled with Nero to give burn rights to users. Thanks to Jomon in Kerala for the reminder to update. :)

I was having a bit of a trouble allowing users logged in to the domain to burn cds from their systems. Seems the admins at HO had changed some security setting and domainwide people were facing this problem. Luckily for the Delhi users Jeba Singh Emmanuel was there. ;-) Of course, I got the solution from Ashampoo Burning Studio 2007′s help file.

I needed to change allocatecdroms from 0 to 1 in HKLM/Software/Microsoft/WindowsNT/CurrentVersion/Winlogon in the registry

Voila, CD Burning works. If only the admins had told me this. It would have saved me some 30 minutes.

Open Suse 10.2 dumping me back to the login screen

Open Suse 10.2 was giving me some trouble with KDE dumping me back to the login screen for my user account even though the password was correct. It went something like me typing the login id and password and pressing enter, the screen going black and then, poof! back to the login screen.

I was able to login as root, able to login through my user login on the console by pressing alt+ctrl + f1 and also was able to login to a new account I created by loging in to the gui and using Yast. With help from the members and lots from Google, finally found this source

It was pretty simple actually. Get into the console into the user’s home directory (the user who is unable to logon) and remove the file .xinitrc

rm .xinitrc

That’s it. Now I just tried logging in and everything is back to normal.

Phone numbers for MTNL and VSNL Dialup in Delhi

Just figured it would be useful for someone who wants dialup in Delhi

Option 1. MTNL post paid CLI Based Dialup
This one is free and can be accessed by dialing 172231 with id and password as the customer’s phone number without the code

Option 2. VSNL prepaid dialup (TATA Indicom)
This is one is comparitively reliable and sometimes I use it as a fallback. You need to dial 172226 and use your id and password. You can register that at the link above. You will need to buy a registration pack and could simply follow the installation instructions at the back. For some reason the installation cd complained about unwanted levels of noise in the phone line.

In any case dialup access seems to be getting worse and worse with speeds getting slower and disconnecting often. There are many other options for dialup but i find these to be cheap and easily available.

KOrganizer New Task duplication issues sorted out

I am using Open Suse 10.2 and had a problem with Korganizer as whenever I added a new task, I got a dialog box asking me to choose from two resources. I was a bit confused though, wondering why, when I hadn’t ever added an additional resource. After searching around to find for some option to delete the additional resource or atleast ignore it in the Kontact settings, I came up empty. There was an option i remembered which allows you to add all items to the standard resource but I am not able to recollect where it was. I am not sure anyway if it works. I looked in personal settings> KDE Components> KDE Resources, but only found one resource.
Did a google search for “korganizer new task duplicate” and finally found what I wanted as the first result here . The solution was at the end.
I simply needed to change the listbox entry mail to calendar in personal settings> KDE Components> KDE Resources and found that there are two resources. It was pretty short deleting the second non standard resource and everything works fine now. Don’t how the other resource got added though. Seems to be a bug.