Ejecting CD/DVD in Suse 10.2

I really found a nifty way to eject a cd in Suse 10.2. I have been looking for some script to get the same thing done, but it works really well through this thing. however, in case I need to use the same script to eject and to load the CD, i think this probably won’t work.
Open Personal Setting (Configure Desktop) in KDE. Goto ‘Regional and Accessibility settings’ and select “Input Actions” from the left.
Expand the “Preset Actions” and select Eject. there already seems to be a shortcut setup as XWinEject or something. My keyboard doesn’t have such a button, so I just changed the shortcut key to Win+J and voila it works.

No need to keep pressing the button to try to get my samsung drive to eject. Win+J gets the job done. I need to push in the tray to make it load though.

I think this most probably is common across most KDE distros.

Have Fun

Jeba Singh Emmanuel

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