Cannot connect to cups server – Unable to retrieve printer list

Linux works fine for me, if you ignore the fact that I probably have to reinstall the whole os once every week to roll back any mistakes I make trying to configure or install additional software. The error is of course not on the part of the OS as such, but i would really love it if Linux didn’t rely so heavily on fast ftp access for repositories and if the developers got the knack of using the graphical interface in a more intuitive way. I also hate the number of ways in which he same software can be configure. You can setup a printer in yast, through personal setting and also by editing some conf file somewhere. It all has a positive reason I hear, but have not yet been able to benefit. I guess somewhere down the road, once I get to know linux better, I will be able to be a Linux whiz or something and use the command line to make the right tweaks. But seriously there has got to be some consistency.

The last two times I installed, I could not get the printer to work through Yast. Used the personal setting>peripherals>printer to get the printer detected and it worked like a charm. To put things clearer, I have a windows xp system on the network that shares two printers, one a hplaserjet 1000 series printer and the other a Xerox PE 220 multifunction device. The xerox is quite uneconomical when it comes to printing averaging around 250 ps per print, but the laserjet is cheaper at around 50 ps per print. So this time, when I reinstalled day before yesterday, I expected to install the printer in the same way.

Tough luck. Didn’t work. All I was able to get was a error stating quite definitely “Unable to retrieve printer list… Cannot connect to cups server.” Searching with google took me to a lot of forums with the same problem but none of them seemed to be resolved. A few queries were rather about how to share the printer on the network. Considering the fact that they weren’t able to get the printer connected as a local printer in the first place, I figured it was definitely a problem with the local printer setup than with some network issues (I am really new to this stuff, you know)

After stuffing my face full with blogs and forums, I finally decided to play around. At Yast2>hardware>printers, since I already had the foo2zjs driver for laserjet, I added it as a ppd file and setup a local printer even though no printer was connected. Linux really should get its hardware detection, especially plug and play revamped. That seemed to help Linux update its device driver database. Sort of like windows, if you know what I mean. I then added a network printer (smb) and gave the ip address, queue name and the temporary user account name setup in the windows xp box and got it to pass the smb access test. It finally showed up as a printer. I then went to the printer and edited it to set its drivers to hplaserjet foo2zjs. Everything seems fine. It was now, when I fired up personal settings> peripherals>printers that cups server seemed to work. Wonder what that means. Doesn’t cups work when there are no printers? Missed the whole point anyway.

I was then able to add another printer through this dialog, since the one already shown which I previously setup didn’t seem to work. It was testing ok and all but no print. But the new one I was able to add worked fine. Took a bit of time trying to remove the old one and setting this one as the default but finally got it to work.

I am happy now, but I wonder what will be the sit when I install linux again next time. Will I get the same Cannot connect to cups server error?
I wonder.
I still have to sort out how to get linux to point my my docs folder to D: and how to setup an ftp server allowing multiple accounts to loging, the tech account having read permissins to my E:

Well. I have had enough for today. Maybe tomorrow

Cheers and peace

with delayed Easter and Good Friday Greetings from Jeba Singh Emmanuel

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