Protools working now

Finally got the Protools to work with the Digi 002. A bit of playing around with some help from my friend sunil frank finally did the trick.
The Procedure I followed to set it up was as follows. The Mac I had was 10.4.5 with the Digi driver 1.7.1. On some advice from some helpful guys like over at thinkdigit, gx_saurav and spironox, I asked Sunil in ABS at Kerala to download those updates on the fast connection he enjoys. He downloaded it over there, 300 MB of it and sent it by snail courier here. Took 5 days actually. (Ridiculous)

1. Upgraded to OSX 10.4.9
2. Installed 1.8.1 projectmix io driver
3. installed projectmix io control from Maudio firewire driver cd
4. Did a firmware upgrade of the projectmix io mixer through the projectmix control
5. Configured External peripheral audio devices (especially midi interface settings) through Protools Setup

All set and working !! It looks cool when the sliders move by itself when we move the faders up down from the protools interface and during automatic playback. We can even control the play pause, rewind and all directly from the mixer. Forgive my enthusiasm but this is the first time I am looking at a mixer with motorized faders.

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