Protools working now

Finally got the Protools to work with the Digi 002. A bit of playing around with some help from my friend sunil frank finally did the trick.
The Procedure I followed to set it up was as follows. The Mac I had was 10.4.5 with the Digi driver 1.7.1. On some advice from some helpful guys like over at thinkdigit, gx_saurav and spironox, I asked Sunil in ABS at Kerala to download those updates on the fast connection he enjoys. He downloaded it over there, 300 MB of it and sent it by snail courier here. Took 5 days actually. (Ridiculous)

1. Upgraded to OSX 10.4.9
2. Installed 1.8.1 projectmix io driver
3. installed projectmix io control from Maudio firewire driver cd
4. Did a firmware upgrade of the projectmix io mixer through the projectmix control
5. Configured External peripheral audio devices (especially midi interface settings) through Protools Setup

All set and working !! It looks cool when the sliders move by itself when we move the faders up down from the protools interface and during automatic playback. We can even control the play pause, rewind and all directly from the mixer. Forgive my enthusiasm but this is the first time I am looking at a mixer with motorized faders.

Projectmix i/o update

Om Prakash, that is the name of the engineer who came to install the project mix system at the Studio. At the first look, he didn’t seem to know much about the Mac OSX and all, but I am impressed by his tenacity. In addition to sitting through two whole nights trying to get them both to work, he doesnt seem to have given up.
Already he has asked his bombay and chennai offices to send over updates for the project mix. When I asked him why he had asked both, his answer? “We will use whichever comes first!” Yes, first indeed. Now that is how I like people thinking.
Besides, he was pretty contempful when I told him that our 64 kbps “always on, broadband DSL” going through an analogx proxy at kerala would not be able to take a 300 mb macosx update. He said he would try through sify or something. Sify indeed!! As far as I know, he will have to sit through a whole day there. Lets see what he comes up with.
However, allies come in strange disguises. The IT person at ABS, Sunil Frank was just a casual acquaintance on my gmail contact list. But when I shared my prob with him, he offered to download the updates and send it over. And man! the download took only one hour. I am still burning with envy with the speed he enjoys there. In any case, he burned it on a cd and sent it by courier to my address. I guess I owe him one.
And Sunil, if you are reading this, thanks again.

Anyway I really hope that this issue is sorted out by next week. A bunch of problems seem to keep cropping up all the time at the studio and i am beginning to get discouraged.

I got a Mac!!

Got a Mac at our Studio in the office yesterday. Wow, now I have used Linux, Windows and Mac. Though still can’t get it to work ok, with the projectmix i/o mixer. Seems to be a problem needing the latest 10.4.9 mac osx update. The mac doesn’t detect the projectmix i/o mixer though the drivers get installed. On trying to open the preference panel, I get the error: “Preferences error – Unable to open M-audio firewire preference panel on this computer.” The latest projectmix i/o driver seems to need 10.4.8 for working. The install file is huge and I am trying to work out someway to get the update on a CD from someone.

Will post later on how it goes.

Spice works for network inventory

Just got to install this wonderful software spiceworks. Though it was quite a big download for my network, I am impressed by this software, and whats more, it is free, thought technically I would categorize it as adware. But still, it is worth a try.

Once installed, you can set up details about your network, like the scan range and the schedule for scanning. Since I am not on a domain, I was happy with the feature to specify individual usernames and passwords for separate systems, though I would much have preferred the software to automatically try user password combos from a list, since users at my office change their ip addresses quite frequently. I don’t know how it would work in dhcp either, but in any case that would make it too similar to a password cracker, i guess (read word list dictionaries).
Once it begins scanning, it first makes a list of all ips on the network and then begins a detailed scan. It uses the wmi interface to get details such as machine specs, software installed, services running etc. You can even setup monitors that alert you if some unwanted software is installed. And as a bonus you get a helpdesk system also.

Additionally, spiceworks lets you directly add assets to your system. That can be things like UPS, stabilizers etc or printers. I guess that would be useful for me.

One bug, if you choose to download the same version that I have is that if spiceworks does a scan and finds a system for which it doesn’t have the account and password with sufficient priviledges, it gives you an authentication error. However, you can later add the account and password. But on the next scan, the software and services tab will show “This feature has not been implemented” To solve the problem, just mark it as a duplicate from the general info section and the next time spiceworks rescans, it will update the software list correctly.

All in all, I like it especially for what it does in quite a capable manner and you can’t complain about its slick interface either.