Getting Error in Oledbcommand IErrorInfo.GetDescription failed with E_FAIL(0×80004005).

A simple query like
select * from languages;
worked fine. But once I used
select language from langauges;
, i was thrown this error. A bit confused, I did a google search for the exact phrase and voila, I got this page

Understood it and changed the query to
select [language] from languages;
Maybe access uses the language as a keyword.

Could not find installable ISAM in Visual Basic

I am just creating a small project in Visual basic, for database management of some radio related information. Tried out the visual data components in VB.NET Express Edition but they were a bit confusing. So I thought of going with oledb.
Used the Oledb.Oledbconnection class but when I tried, i got a could not find installable isam error.

With a google search on “Could not find installable ISAM”, the best i could get was a link from microsoft which was not useful, once i tried out all the options;EN-US;283881

However, just adding one to the search query gave me this from and that had the solution

Subscribing to the forum right away

That’s right! I missed a blasted blankspace and wasted an hour trying to locate it.
dbconn= New OleDb.OleDbConnection(“Provider=Microsoft.Jet.Oledb.4.0; Data Source=F:p1p2db.mdb”)
while the correct one should be
dbconn= New OleDb.OleDbConnection(“Provider=Microsoft.Jet.Oledb.4.0; Data Source=F:p1p2db.mdb”)

Cannot configure custom hostname in Outlook 2003

Shouldn’t software allow the user, if he really wants to, to make any necessary modifications in how it deals with data? Say I want to modify what hostname my mail client is sending to the mail server, shouldn’t I be able to?

We have a server over at Kerala to which we, at Delhi connect through VSNL VPN. It runs exchange 2003 (I guess, i never bothered to ask). Outlook works fine when connected as exchange server.

But it does take a lot of time synchronizing due to which I thought of setting my account in client as a pop3/smtp account. I thought it would be easy. But No!

I was able to download mails pretty fine but sending mails hit a snag. I was unable to send any mails. Outlook said something about the username or password being wrong, but I had just accessed the webmail through my browser and so I was pretty sure that I had the right password. Tried Check/Uncheck of all checkboxes and modifying server/connection settings trying to figure out a way to get it to work. (I use outlook 2003 by the way)

Gave up at last and fired up ethereal. And Ah! there it was. It seems the error returned was ‘ehlo domain invalid’. Took me a couple of hours researching until finally I stumbled on the smtp rfc. It seems a workaround is for the client to send the hostname to the ehlo challenge response in the format [] or something. Telnetted to port 25 and got it to work. Why need an ehlo challenge when helo will work. And outlook doesn’t allow a custom host name, either. Is it something that the exchange server admin should do. It really would be nice if outlook allowed custom hostnames like thunderbird, but that I guess that is too much to ask from Microsoft.

Since I need to use an account that is also used by another person, who needs to view the sent mails as well (the same mails need to be shown on both systems), I guess anyway pop3 would not have worked. But I could have tried setting up other accounts through pop3 as outlook allows only one exchange connection for each profile.

So finally shifted my other two accounts on the domain to thunderbird. Once I set the custom hostname field in account settings, it worked like a charm. Thumbs up to Thunderbird.